California Cooking with the Kreneks

Figures I open my iPhone app store updates yesterday and it’s for the WordPress App. The update fixed the auto-saving when editing from the phone. Although I actually did hit ‘save’. Ironic a little. Where was this last week??  (If you do not know to what I am referring, don’t worry about it.)  Moving forward…

I had a blast in California. So many different types of trees and birds and… people. At one point I was fumbling my way around via the Caltrain and Bart from Santa Clara to SFO airport (first-timer here!). A woman awkwardly yet energetically walked by and said, “Our bags belong together!” (I have a red suitcase and red duffle bag and she had a red duffle as well.) I just laughed and continued to frantically walk in search of the correct entry to transfer myself from the Caltrain to the Bart without accidentally exiting the station or something along those lines. Finally the driver (conductor?) of the Bart hung himself out the window to direct me to the correct train (I obviously had “HELPLESS” written on my forehead), I found myself a seat, looked toward the back of the train to know my surroundings, and saw that same woman with a pacifier in her mouth. Awesome.

I do not have any pictures of this portion of my adventure as I was way too cracked out on travel anxiety to think about anything else. Why do I do that to myself?

But the day before all of this happened, my two wonderful friends, Kelli and her husband Jeremy, cooked an amazing breakfast with mimosas and strong cinnamon coffee. This blog post title states Cooking with the Kreneks, but let’s be real. It was my first full day of vacation so I chatted with them while they cooked. I need to work on that trait. Anyway, “Pesto Poached Eggs” I will call it. And I give them 100% credit for this recipe and cannot wait to try making it myself with a couple Magan alterations. This simply describes how they layered the dish:

  • Toast (I opted out)
  • Basil Pesto
  • Two Poached Eggs
  • Slice of Heirloom Tomato
  • Chili Powder
  • Side of Bacon Slices (Kelli the rabbit opted out)

Krenek Cali Breakfast

First Jeremy poached the eggs. I have yet to attempt this and I will attempt it soon, Jeremy has it mastered though. Lucky. (Hmmm… Maybe Saturday morning after the gym my first attempt will occur.) They also toasted a couple slices of bread and sliced the heirloom tomato. At the very last minute Jeremy reaches out with his chili powder shaker and asks, “you want a dash?” Of course I did.

The adventure began from there.

Wine and Calamari (yes calamari, I'm not perfect!)

Afternoon wine and Calamari at Whale City Bakery (yes lightly breaded calamari, I’m not perfect!)

Davenport Beach

Davenport Beach Views

Kelli in a Cave

Kelli in a Cave

Davenport BeachShoreDavenport Beach

I can still smell the air.

They shared with me many other favorites of theirs in their area including foods, wines, beaches and walks… Thank you Kelli and Jeremy, you’re fantastic hosts 🙂

**Check out my FAQ Ingredients Page – leave a comment if there’s something you’d like to see added!

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