Good Ol’ Goulash

First of all, you can’t really mess up when you’re making goulash.  Second, a reason for this is because the word “goulash” may mean something completely different to you than it does to us.  But for us, goulash is basically a large mix of whatever you have in the kitchen… specifically the lean meats and vegetables.  Sometimes we add brown rice and/or black beans, but I’m keeping it extra simple today.   My grandma used to add pasta, but that’s a no-no in this household (sorry Barbie!).

The reason I decided to make this meal:  Our trip to Arizona last week… let’s just say we did not exactly stick to our normal routine of diet and fitness, so this is a perfect, easy way to help us get back on track quickly.  Lean meats with veggies easily reheated for a healthy meal.  I also have a roasted artichoke I just removed from the oven.   And a batch of salmon marinating.  And quinoa chilling.  Can you tell I’m hungry?

My next post will tell you how to roast an artichoke heart.  I’m eating mine right now and it’s sooo good.  But it’s pretty plain, so I will create alternative seasoning ideas.  I’m also pretty excited that I get to start a new job next week.  It’s the kind that not only requires a brain, but will create challenge as well.  Holy moly what did I just do to myself?!

But back to Arizona – Scott and I had an amazing trip!  Our friends, Kari and Sepehr, were beyond hospitable and we left feeling like we totally owe them.  Because we do.  They provided us with transportation, a comfortable place to sleep, play time with their two adorable pups, Sepehr cooked an amazing breakfast and one of his many Persian specialty meals, a yellow split pea stew over saffron rice, OMG.  I would attempt making it, but I try to refrain from self embarrassment.  We kept telling him about the food trailer parks all over Austin and how his meals would rock their world.  He didn’t seem to love the idea…

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Kari

And we can’t forget the original reason for booking the trip… The Rosas Wedding!!  Two friends of mine from my Freshman year at ASU, who met because they lived across the hall from each other (I the roommate), and dated ever since… finally tied the knot!!  Talk about a beautiful wedding…  Camelback Mountain in the background, sunny skies accompanied with a nice breeze… and lots and lots of L-O-V-E  ❤

With the gorgeous bride!

With the gorgeous bride!

Oh, and Francois (the house lizard)… next post.  Scott has the pictures on his phone.

Good Ol’ Goulash (Ingredient amounts are approximate and vary per batch)

Step 1:  HEAT YOUR MEAT.  Over medium high heat (level 6/10) in a large pot (mine is 6 quart and it filled over half) add your chicken, turkey and beef, mixing as the lower area of meat cooks.  Add your chicken broth, more or less based on preference.  Scott did not use broth before he met me, but now enjoys it.  And I tend to add too much, so I tried to low ball it with the “1/2 cup”.

Step 2:  MULTITASK. Chop your veggies but do not add to the pot yet.  The meat takes awhile to cook.   I decided to prepare an artichoke and salmon to bake (random, not to pair with goulash).  We like to chop misc. veggies and slice potatoes and bake them all together on a cookie sheet.  Or skip the side dish and scroll Facebook or feed the dogs.  Whatev.

Step 3:  VEGGIE TIME.  Once meat is cooked, add your veggies and spices, cover the pot and turn the heat down to Low.   I try to make sure the chicken breasts are on the bottom to soak up the moisture in the broth as much as possible.  After about 30 or so minutes (I’m sorry, I really wasn’t watching the clock), the veggies should be not too crispy but not mushy either (better for heating up the next day).  At this point I taste and adjust the seasoning… although no matter what, I always add more the next day with my usual dash of cayenne.






**Check out my FAQ Ingredients Page – leave a comment if there’s something you’d like to see added!

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