Beautiful Day for Bikini Gardening!

I don’t know if you recall from last spring… but when it’s a beautiful day like today (sunny and 75 degrees), I like to do a little something called bikini gardening!  That, of course, was before I was 6 months pregnant.  Today, I altered my gardening apparel to something that fits my pregnancy size, so this should more accurately be called “work out attire gardening”.  But either way, I would hate to cover up completely because it’s way too pretty outside to not soak up some Vitamin D!  In the linked bikini gardening post I apologized for no picture.  This time I will apologize FOR the picture *winky face emoticon with tongue sticking out*



I watered all my plants, trimmed a couple overgrown bushes, raked up a couple large piles of bush clippings, leaves and acorns to be thrown over the fence later…

Side yard trimmings

Side yard trimmings

Pulled some bush-size weeds out of the ground, chopped branches of wood for our next fire pit/s’more-making night…

You see sticks, I see s'mores!

You see sticks, I see s’mores!

Allll while throwing the stick for our chocolate lab, Gus.

Who's a good boy?  You are!

Who’s a good boy? Gus is a good boy!

And now my back hurts and I’m limping due to sciatic nerve pain…. awesome.  Nothing a little local Mexican food, a hot shower, and couch time can’t fix.  All worth it in my opinion –  Seriously, it’s gorgeous outside!

BTW – I updated my “About Me” page, so feel free to check it out 🙂

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