Scrapped Protein Shake

You know what really upsets me? When I wake up and realize we are out of protein powder. What am I supposed to eat real fast NOW?? So I started thrashing through my pantry and fridge thinking the question, “what has protein and good fats?” and pulled everything possible.  No big deal.  This morning I threw together a shake with (approximate measurements):

After giving that a grand ol’ blend, I ate/drank it. The shake was a tad thick, but I also believe that beggars can’t be choosers, so it was perfect for what I needed (add some coconut water to thin it out, or plain cold water if you don’t want added sweetness/calories). But it thoroughly held me over until I had time to make some eggs (mixed with leftovers from the weekend – like grilled zucchini, mmm!) before heading into work. I wished I could have added spinach to that shake mix above, but I ate it all in a smoothie yesterday afternoon before going to the gym. Major bummer.

Mmm Chocolatey!

Mmm Chocolatey!

Speaking of yesterday… Wow what a beautifully wonderful day in Austin!! Without a cloud in the sky, the temperature reached close to 80 degrees. As I mentioned in my last post, my cousin was in town from Virginia with her boyfriend, and we decided it would be a perfect morning to check out this greenbelt they hear me speak of so frequently. Knowing they had to catch a flight home later that afternoon, we quickly took advantage of their gorgeous last morning in town.

My favorite view from the hike

My favorite view from the greenbelt hike, this pic was taken on a different day

I’d post a picture that includes my cousin and me, but we took them all on their fancy shmancy camera and I’m still waiting to receive copies!  TICK TOCK, Cousin!!  JK, she hasn’t even been home for a full 24 hours yet.  I’d also like to add another recipe to this post, but unfortunately I need to complete some marina work that I brought home with me AND find something to eat for dinner… so until my next post, let me share with you my belly:

28 weeks and growing!

28 weeks and growing!

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