Accidental Baked Hummus Chicken

We had another “ice day” on our hands today! Schools were cancelled and wrecks on the slick roads were on the rise.  It became a great day for me to stay indoors and do the dreaded laundry. I got out of bed this morning and noticed the husband was already gone. How brave of him to risk driving all 4 minutes/2 miles into work. I’ve married a warrior.

Baby news: the nursery is officially painted!!  (Thank you Lisa & Julie!!) I hate spending money when not needed. The husband and I had purchased paint a little over a year ago to paint my office (that didn’t happen), which has now turned into our nursery. So instead of buying new paint for the nursery, we used our existing, bright shade of turquoise. When we first saw the paint on the walls, the color was a little surprising, but it’s growing on me (us). I think once we add linens and decorate, it will look very nice. Babies like bright colors anyway, right? Another official statement: I’ve completely lost sight of certain “areas” on my body that I never thought would happen. That is as far into detail as I will go into that. How do some people who are not pregnant choose to live this way??? It’s so weird. I can’t wait to get back into the gym regularly, not to mention have the energy to do so!

Painted progress!

Painted progress!

Anyway, yesterday I attempted to make some plain, basic hummus in which I planned to place a glob of my dairy free pesto, but I failed terribly. I blame my tahini that’s been sitting around for probably too long. Then I tried to overcompensate that overwhelming flavor and thickness with too much water. Like I said, a terrible fail.  Since this was a mistake, I don’t have an exact recipe for you, but here’s what I did… I refuse to let anything become a waste, so I decided to marinate about a pound of chicken breasts (diced into cubes) in the “hummus” with extra seasonings (garlic powder, crushed red pepper, oregano, black pepper and sea salt).


After about 3-4 hours, I preheated the oven to 450F.  Then I chopped up some raw broccoli, placed it in a glass baking dish (8in x 8in), poured my marinated chicken on top, and added some additional hummus (why did I make SO MUCH “oopsie”??? Also, I probably should have skipped this step), and mixed it all around.  I squirted the juice of one lemon on top, then sprinkled some more crushed red pepper and garlic powder.  I placed the dish in the oven for about 30 minutes (chicken needs to be minimum of 165F when “done”) and we had ourselves a (surprisingly) not bad dinner!

Here we go!

Here we go!

It’s a successful day when you can turn an accidental oopsie into a postive!  Whew!

5 responses to “Accidental Baked Hummus Chicken

  1. Magan the nursery looks wonderful. Great job!!! Your oopsie dinner looks scrumptious. Love ya bunches


    • Thank you, Dana! It’s all starting to come together. I’m sure I will post final photos once it’s all complete 🙂 We have about 10 weeks to go (give or take) yikes!! Love you.

    • Thank you! It really was surprisingly tasty. We really enjoyed the spice from crushed red pepper, flavor from fresh squeezed lemon, and crunch from the broccoli.

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