Belly (Hips & Boobs) Butter

It has been a pretty good week.  I will get in 3 full work outs without any hip/back/pregnancy pain, made it to work on all days that I planned (running behind today, but what’s new?  It’s Friday), enjoyed a girl’s night dinner with two of my favorites, and ordered the dresser/changing table from my wish list for the nursery from my Pops (can’t wait for it to arrive!!).  I also treated myself to a nice hair trim/style yesterday at a new, convenient spot in the neighborhood, went grocery shopping, and after coming home with an itchy belly, said F-it and made my second batch ever of some belly butter. Red’s style.

Originally, sometime around September, I was told about this “belly butter” by a client who I did some work with at my office job. She recommended it to help with itching and prevent stretch marks. When I got home and looked at the “recipe” for the Breggy’s Belly Butter that she recommended, I quickly noticed the measurements were not very precise. For example, it lists “a jar of this, a container of that…” etc. So, to make my own, I decided I would weigh out equal portions of each main ingredient (3oz of each to be exact, and it lasted me about 3 months), along with a measured amount of vitamin E, plus essential oil. But my combination resulted in a “grainy” final product, which leads me to believe I need to rethink my measurements. I’m definitely not complaining because I used up this entire jar of creation and enjoyed it the entire time. The “grains” simply melt when placed on my skin and I spread it all evenly. But now that I’ve run out of this product, I decided to recreate my Belly (Hips & Boobs) Butter to have different measured volumes of ingredients to result in a more smooth final product. So here’s what I did…

Belly (Hips & Boobs) Butter

Belly (Hips & Boobs) Butter

Belly (Hips & Boobs) Butter

Step 1: ASSEMBLE & HEAT. I used a metal bowl over a pot with about an inch of water in it. I have read of people using a glass jar in a pot with water to melt ingredients for whatever product they’re making… I considered trying this but knew the ol’ metal bowl and pot worked last time so why change it? Heat your pot/bowl (or glass jar) combo over medium temperature (5 out of 10). Note that during the entire time of the melting process, the product never gets too warm for me to touch with my bare fingers.

The bowl/pot & ingredients

The bowl/pot & ingredients

Step 2: MELT, MEASURE, MELT. First add your Cocoa Butter since it’s the most solid at room temperature and melts the slowest. Your measurement for the cocoa butter will be approximate because it doesn’t fit exactly into the measuring cup. If in doubt, add a tad more than 1/4 Cup, not less. While that is melting, measure your Shea Butter and add it to the Cocoa Butter once it’s almost finished melting. Then measure your coconut oil and wait to add that until both the prior ingredients are almost completely melted because the coconut oil liquefies the quickest. Then remove from heat.

First - Cocoa Butter

First – Cocoa Butter

Second - Shea Butter

Second – Shea Butter

Third - Coconut Oil

Third – Coconut Oil

Step 3: FINAL ADDITIONS. After removed from heat, measure and add your almond oil and liquid Vitamin E. Then once the temperature is 100 degrees or below, I shook my Lavender Essential Oil over the concoction about 40 times with multiple drops exiting with each shake. The cocoa butter smell is very powerful like that of a chocolate chip cookie. No matter how much essential oil you add, I think you’re slightly stuck with that smell too. I personally don’t mind at all, and neither does the husband.

Step 4. TRANSFER AND CHILL. At this point, I carefully transferred my liquid lotion to my awaiting glass jar with lid. I placed the lid on top, but not tightly screwed to let some air flow, and moved it to my fridge for a couple hours to chill. I now have it on my bathroom counter waiting for be used after my morning shower.

Prior to chilling - in previously used jar

Prior to chilling – in previously used jar

Yippee – no more itchy belly!!

4 responses to “Belly (Hips & Boobs) Butter

    • You know, I haven’t worked with jojoba oil yet but from what I’ve read I think it will work just fine in place of the almond oil. Let me know how it turns now!

  1. Will this remain liquid at room temperature or does it harden? Have you had any trouble with it staining clothes because of the oil in it?

    • Hi Sarah – it stays liquid but thick and softens even more as you apply it to your warm skin. If you over-apply, it may soak into your clothes and stain, but I do not recall having an issue with this combination (although I have had that issue with straight coconut oil). Hope that helps!

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