Chocolate-Covered Almond Butter Balls

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I have decided to share with you a little chocolate-y “chreat” I made earlier this week. After my last post where I stated I was in a cooking “funk”, I became strangely motivated to bake kale chips for an afternoon snack (recipe to be posted later), and then I baked a coconut curry chicken dish for dinner. A dish that sadly will not make the blog just yet, but I took notes to improve for my next attempt (I’m not yet a curry-cooking queen, but working toward perfecting the skill).

My "hearty" steel cut oats breakfast

My “hearty” steel cut oats Valentine’s breakfast

For dessert (only because I still felt motivated), I thought it would be fun to make some chocolate-covered almond butter balls with my recently homemade almond butter. The husband has come home a little frazzled the past couple of days, so as an act of kindness, I made these with him in mind. Turns out he decided to be on one of his strict health kicks this week and ended up not eating a single one. Rude!

Needless to say I ate all 12 of them over 2 nights… and one morning. For him of course.

The preparation for these chreats is rather simple, as long as you don’t need to make your own almond butter first. You can also use peanut (or other nut) butter in place of the almond butter, but it obviously does not have to be homemade nut butter of any sort.

Chocolate-Covered Almond Butter Balls

Step 1: ROLL & FREEZE. Roll your almond butter into preferred ball size and place on wax paper and small plate. My balls were smaller than an inch diameter and I made about 12 balls. Place the wax paper and plate in the freezer for at least an hour to harden. This will help prevent the almond butter from melting/deforming when you dip it in the warm chocolate later.

Step 2: PREPARE TO MELT & SMASH. As your hour of wait time approaches, set up your pan with an inch or less of water at the bottom and ramekin on top. You could also choose to use the microwave if that’s easier for you, but I personally despise to use of microwaves. Then pour your chocolate chips into the ramekin and turn your stove to medium low heat (level 4 of 10) and stir often so that the chocolate melts evenly, yet slowly.



At this time, smash your pumpkin seeds and place to the side with your Himalayan Sea Salt & Cinnamon shakers (you can do this sooner if you’re not too great at multitasking).

Cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, sea salt

Cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, sea salt

Step 3: REMOVE, DIP & SET. Remove your wax-papered plate of almond butter balls from the freezer and grab yourself a fork to assist in dipping. Place one of the balls on your fork, drop it in the melted chocolate, then scoop the ball out with your fork. Tap your fork and ball on the side of the pan to let access chocolate drip back into the ramekin, then place your chocolate-covered ball back onto the wax paper. Continue to do this until all balls are covered in chocolate.



Step 4: DAB & SPRINKLE. My chocolate solidified pretty quickly, so I decided to wait until all were covered before topping them. With the leftover melted chocolate and fork, take a small scoop of chocolate and dab the top of a chocolate ball, then quickly sprinkle a touch of salt, cinnamon and pinch of smashed pumpkin seeds on it. Repeat this on each of your balls.

Chocolate-Covered Almond Butter Balls

Chocolate-Covered Almond Butter Balls

Step 5: SAMPLE & CHILL. I highly recommend sampling your chreats immediately (haha). And any that don’t get “sampled” I chose to store in a small airtight container in the fridge to stay chilled.

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!!  Enjoy.

3 responses to “Chocolate-Covered Almond Butter Balls

    • HEB has the chocolate chips in the bakery aisle, but it’s on a separate shelf not exactly grouped with the rest of the chocolate chips – they’re in a “school bus yellow” colored bag.
      I’m so happy your family enjoyed the chicken!! (Scott came home and told me you had said that too – put a huge smile on my face!)

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