About Me.

Howdy!  Ok ok, I do reside in Austin, TX, but I definitely do not say “Howdy” with seriousness.  Although I will confess I use the term “y’all” more often than I’d like to admit.

So you want to know about me…   First of all, I’m a red head.  Hence the blog name “Red’s Recipes” 🙂

I met my husband at a local gym almost 3 years ago, and the love between us progressed quickly…  Here’s one of my favorite captures from December 19, 2012 where he proposed to me pretty much exactly where we met:

Most awesomest day

Most awesomest day

Then we did this October 25, 2013:

You May Now Kiss Your Bride

You May Now Kiss Your Bride

And now we have this on the way, due April 2014!

It's a Girl!

It’s a Girl!

Baby girl arrived April 9, 2014 and we couldn’t be more excited!  We decided to do an all natural birth (yep, no painkillers!) at our home with a midwife.  Talk about an experience we will never forget!!

Miss Alia Sloan

Miss Alia Sloan

But let’s not get too excited and forget our first children:

My 3 furry loves.

Gus, Scooter & Sienna

When I’m not eating, working or picking up around the house, I love to participate in physical activity – hikes on the greenbelt, training at the gym with the husband, throwing ball or stick for our doggies, going to the lake for boat fun and water sports, the husband keeps talking about getting me a tennis racket to play with him, but that hasn’t happened yet, oh, and lets not forget horseback riding on the beach – who doesn’t love that??  Ok that one is far from my realistic life, but a girl can dream…  Also before the baby news occurred, we had just gotten me a dirt bike to start riding with husband, but now that’s on hold too.  Shooting!  We love to shoot our shot guns at the range.  I have great aim for skeet, but I’ve realized I have trouble aiming at actual living things.  “Next dove season” is what I keep telling him.

I dream of one day having my own chicken coup, maybe a donkey and/or goat, possibly a cow (husband rolls his eyes when I say that), and a nice big garden where I can grow more than my basic tomatoes and peppers.  But until that day comes, I will enjoy farmers markets and other blogs that allow me to read and learn of their experiences.

Please leave me feedback, ask questions, share your opinions, ANYTHING because that is why I created my blog.

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